Musical World of Disney:


Musical World of Disney production is produced at Reps Theatre. Reps Theatre is a non-profit organization and over the years it has experienced many challenges. The efforts of the volunteers, who manage and act for free, are what have kept the company going.


In order for them to perform their shows and run the facility, revenue came mainly from the sales of tickets which Simbisa (Chicken Inn) bought and distributed these to Children’s Homes and local schools.

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Giving Back:


Simbisa Brands is the sponsor of Chicken Inn Football Club. Not only is it about marketing the but more importantly to give back to the community.

Soccer is mainly played by the disadvantaged youth in Zimbabwe and through the club Simbisa assists to keep the youth off the streets and provide employment for those who make it to play for the first team.


Chicken Inn Football Club has 3teams in the Bulawayo Province Junior League in the following age groups, under 14, under 16 and under 18. We also have an under 20 team playing in the ZIFA Bulawayo Province Division 2 league.

Supporting Economic Growth In The Countries We Operate:


Simbisa creating employment:


Direct employment 2,202

Wealth distribution to employees per annum in Zimbabwe US$ 14,768,960

Direct employment 2,327

Wealth distribution to employees per annum in the Region US$ 9,661,032


Simbisa supporting industry growth:


Purchases from suppliers of raw materials and finished goods from suppliers per annum in Zimbabwe US$ 57,113,710

Purchases of raw materials and finished goods from suppliers per annum in the Region US$ 25 481 916

Tax Revenue paid to Zimbabwe tax authorities:


Corporate taxes: US$ 438 789

Value added taxes: US$ 8,072,745


Tax revenue paid to Regional tax authorities:


Corporate taxes: $550,266

Emerald Hill Children’s Home




Emerald Hill Children’s Home is a home for orphaned and other vulnerable children, located at the summit of Emerald Hill in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare. Since 1914, the Roman-Catholic Dominican Sisters have provided shelter for children in need.


Today, the home cares for the physical and spiritual well-being of about 90 children aged 3 to 20. The children come from a variety of difficult backgrounds, many of them having been abandoned by their parents or having gone through traumatic experiences of neglect, emotional and physical abuse, including sexual abuse. Apart from providing food and shelter, Emerald Hill actively focuses on the emotional healing of its children through Christian spirituality in daily life, the engagement of social workers and counsellors, and a number of other creative offers.


After completing their primary education, the boys move to St. Joseph’s House for Boys, Belvedere, Harare, while the girls stay until they finish their education; furthermore, they are assisted with job training to become self-sufficient.


Funding and support


Run by the Dominican Sisters, Emerald Hill is a private home that relies on donations for the upkeep and support of the children, including medical care, school tuition, clothing, food and shelter.


Simbisa Brands plays a big part in the donations for the home. Simbisa will donate meals and cakes for the children’s birthday parties as well as help with any project funding.