Our Strategic Intent


To create and operate world class Intellectual Property that has the ability to be franchised globally.

To be the largest food retail network in Africa by utilizing Innscor’s portfolio of brands.

To deliver real shareholder returns through profitable operations.

To invest in people and their talents.

To make our intellectual property accessible and create opportunities in all markets.

Our Business Model


Simbisa is unique and successful as a branded QSR company due to the following key factors:

Own and operate our own Intellectual Property.

Offer a portfolio of brands that caters to a broad range of customers.

Adaptable and flexible brand operating model.

Established operational and logistics infrastructure in each of the markets we trade in.

Cognisant of diverse cultures, palate preferences in the marketplaces that we trade in.

Our experience comes from learning’s on the ground and the 28 years we have successfully operated on the African continent.

Our Ambitions


To develop and grow the Simbisa Quick Service Restaurant and Bakery Retail Intellectual Property across Africa

Manage a business that is profitable, honours its financial commitments and provides a return to shareholders through regular payments of dividends.

Achieve organic growth from existing operations and continue to grow new counters in selected sites. Our objective is to open a minimum of one new counter per month

Expand into new markets that are mutually agreed and that have sustainable growth opportunities.

Partner and / or acquire new brands that can satisfy the above growth / return on investment criteria.

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